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Urban Development

The proposed park would be well-positioned to support the goals of Winnipeg’s Official Development Plan, Our Winnipeg 2045. Two Major Redevelopment Sites -- South Point Douglas and the industrial Public Market Lands -- are adjacent to the park. This would allow the coordination of environmental remediation and restoration efforts; the joint provision of green infrastructure; the linkage of parks, natural areas, and green corridors; and the increase of public access to the Red and Seine Rivers. Many neighbourhood corridors would be linked by the national park. Pending the relocation of the Canadian Pacific rail yards, future green corridors could also extend to the North End and Winnipeg’s Downtown.

South Pt Douglas UD.jpg

Urban Redevelopment

Winnipeg recently initiated a secondary planning process for Point Douglas. The Secondary Plan’s implementation would coincide with the planning and creation of Winnipeg’s national urban park, which would allow for the coordination of municipal, provincial, and federal investments.


Waterfront Reclamation

Many of the park features proposed here echo ideas introduced in a visioning exercise commissioned by The Forks and the City of Winnipeg in 2015. The common aim, is to reestablish rivers as Winnipeg's beating heart.

Royalwoods copy.jpg

Green Infrastructure

Naturalized stormwater features outflowing into the rivers, such as Royal Woods retention pond shown here, can help improve water and habitat quality. Similar green infrastructure initiatives are envisioned in other areas of the proposed park.

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