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Our Proposal

Our proposal is simple: now is the time to protect Winnipeg’s rivers in perpetuity. 

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Park Extent

A nature preserve stretching out along Winnipeg's three main rivers.

Park Features

Interpretive, wilderness, and recreational amenities right in the heart of the city.

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Bold, Visionary, and Optimistic

Winnipeg will get only one national urban park. We must make the most of this historic opportunity. Like our forebears, who created the Winnipeg Parks System, the Floodway, and The Forks, let us be visionary, bold, and optimistic, so that future generations can look back and say: “This was the right idea, at the right time”.

The barren fields of Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg’s first metropolitan urban park, c. 1905. Source: Winnipeg Parks and Recreation Department.

The barren fields of Point Douglas, c. 2024., Photo: Emilio Daza-Blais and Paige Michalyshen.

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